PROCLAMATION is a creeping bentgrass of American breeding with best suitability for fairways, tees or greens when used in golf. Low growing with aggressive lateral spreading that quickly closes defects, reducing scalping of the surface.

PROCLAMATION has excellent turf quality with lower nutrient use. In addition, the variety is very disease resistant, which improves the appearance under disease pressure and leads to less pesticide use.

Excellent resistance to dollar spot and good tolerance to snow mold (Microdochium nivale) in the NTEP trials prove the top health of the variety.

With a uppermost ranking of turf quality in combination with high resilience as well as high growth density in summer, PROCLAMATION is ideally equipped for use in intensive and also extensively used lawns.


  • Medium green color
  • Rapid greening in spring
  • Good tolerance to many fungal diseases
  • Very good germination and winter hardiness
  • Good drought tolerance, medium sward density

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