Date: 13.04.2021

In development of our international cereal portfolio, we are happy to announce official registration of numerous new wheat and barley varieties across Europe.
Quality winter wheat ASPEKT (A), received registration in Czech Republic after good results in official trials and showed very strong frost resistance combined with early ripening. ASPEKT (A) is already introduced to several international markets and performed very well under different conditions. 
Two new winter wheat varieties have been registered in Germany. With ATTRIBUT (A) and ARTENGO (A) a new generation of high resistant varieties with strong yield stability extends the portfolio. ATTRIBUT (A) received also registration in Poland, together with the new backing wheat CIRCUS (B), which is also registered in Lithuania.
In the spring wheat segment, quality wheat BROCA (A) is now registered in the Baltics and in Germany. Together with spring wheat variety AKVITAN (A) and INTELLIGENCE (A) the new variety BROCA (A) represents a generation of high yielding and high quality spring wheat candidates.
Not just only in terms of diversification in crop rotations, winter barley is an important crop in Europe. Out of our strong DSV barley breeding program, we enrich the winter barley segment with very interesting candidates. High yielding and resistant six row winter barley variety ESPRIT is now also registered in Poland. After a successful first market introduction in Germany, ESPRIT will become an important international variety with a strong focus on yield performance, kernel quality and easy handling due to its resistance package.