Forage value number 8

Timothy is a perennial, high-yielding and high-quality top-grass with very good tolerance to cold and wetness. Due to the loose tussocks, the species is very well suited as a mixing partner for small-grained legumes on meadows and pastures in not too dry sites.



  • Emerging leaf rolled
  • Auricles absent
  • Bulbous base of the stem
  • Ligule with ‘pointed teeth’ on either side

Our varieties


Phleum pratense

  • yielding and persistent timothy grass
  • low tendecy for lodging
  • widely recommended in Germany


Phleum pratense

  • uniformly yield performance
  • internationally proven variety
  • great sward density


Phleum pratense

  • Milk Index variety
  • combination of high yields with great forage quality
  • rapid early growth development


Phleum pratense

  • perfectly adapted to Nordic climate
  • highest yielding variety on German list
  • early heading


Phleum pratense

  • early variety
  • very high yields in the first cut
  • intense early growth development