100% organic quality in all mixtures!

In the amended EU Organic Regulation, the application for mixtures with conventional mixture proportions will be the farmers responsibility in future. In order to reduce the increasing complexity for organic farms, all organic mixtures at DSV have been revised. From 2022 on, all components are produced organically and fulfill 100% organic quality. This means that farmers can use our COUNTRY Organic mixtures without any further bureaucratic effort.

Indispensable in organic crop rotations is the cultivation of clover and alfalfa grass mixtures. The cultivation of legumes improves the soil structure and additionally fixes atmospheric nitrogen in the soil. DSV's innovative seed treatment DynaSeed® LegumeMaxx for alfalfa and clover species promotes the symbiosis between rhizobia and the legumes, as well as legume growth.

COUNTRY Field Forage Organic

COUNTRY Grassland Organic