Date: 13.01.2021
Winter is a tough time for turf grasses
Winter survival is the percentage of plants of sown varieties at the start of growth in spring. Every spring when the ground begins to thaw, you find yourself faced with the task of field recovery.
There are steps, which can be taken to maintain your turf during the cold month.
Begin planning for recovery in the autumn. As late winter and early spring growing conditions are often unsatisfactory for the standard turf management, it is critical to schedule this maintenance around autumn and improve the turf quality.
Repair lawn damage or create new lawn sections
Consider that late autumn can be a good time to whip up a lawn that has been heavily used by both weather conditions and you during the gardening season. Damaged lawns can now be repaired or, if necessary, re-laid, as the garden soil still retains the warmth of the summer and autumn sun, so that the grasses germinate.
Providing the lawn with nutrients before the first frost
Your lawn will also benefit from an autumn dose of fertilizer. It should provide less growth-promoting nitrogen than in spring and summer, but it should contain a lot of potassium, which increases the salt content in the cell sap of the grass. This strengthens your lawn for frosty times (frost protection) and disease.
Bring lawn to winter height
A too high lawn in winter carries the risk that the grass could tip and / or kink under a snow load and, as a result, lie flat on the ground and rot. On the other hand, if you mow the lawn too short, the ground will freeze more, which could damage the roots.
Now is time for the last cut of the lawn to bring it to the right height for wintering. A good height is about four to five centimeters (cm) and will help your lawn survive the winter.
Chose the right variety and mixture
Besides the maintenance work, you can do to support your lawn to survive the wintertime it is also important to choose the right variety and mixtures. We as DSV have improved winter hard varieties in our portfolio just like PROMOTOR a very winter hard ryegrass as well as TETRASPORT and also the choice of the right mixture for repair in autumn and spring is crucial for the success as EUROGRASS DIY Renovation is the right tool to accomplish a nice dense lawn.