Success as a result of innovation and tradition

In addition to winter oilseed rape, DSV is also an active breeder of summer varieties. In Europe we develop varieties within the DLE programme, a joint venture between three medium-sized plant breeding companies. As with winter oilseed rape, our breeding activities in this area revolve entirely around the development of hybrid varieties. Robust hybrids have the edge over line varieties, particularly in unfavourable conditions. With their rapid growth and deep root system they are better able to withstand stress phases and the plants recover more quickly. In addition to conventional hybrids, development of Clearfield® hybrids is an important focus of our summer oilseed rape breeding work.

In this year’s spring season, DSV supplied the major summer oilseed rape markets of Russia, Kazakhstan and the Baltic states. The Canadian market is serviced by DL Seeds, a collaboration between two plant breeding companies with a separate breeding programme tailored to the Canadian market.