The grass product group is characterised by versatile challenges and demands. In addition to the advantages of the DynaSeed casing compound, our products offer other unique benefits. No matter whether you want new seeding in unfavourable conditions, fast germination or simple reseeding. DynaSeed offers solutions for your requirements.

In the field of grasses, we offer three innovative DynaSeed seed treatments:

In addition to the DynaSeed coating, humic and fulvic acids ensure safe germination, especially in unfavourable conditions. An example is shown in the graph below. Across all temperatures, an increase in germination rate (%) is shown by the DynaSeed Plus treatment. With up to 12%, this effect is greatest at the particularly low and high temperatures.


The addition of selected algae extracts leads to faster germination and thus to a rapid establishment of the stand. More and larger plants in less time. This is also shown in the illustrations below.

Extra DynaSeed coating mass ensures a high weight and thus leads to a secure soil seal even with scattered seeds. The added algae extract accelerates germination. This results in a 35% higher germination success.