Adam Warnke (farm manager)

Gajewo, county Czarnków (North-East Poland)

Farm data
TypeConventional dairy farm
Livestock180, of which 85 are dairy cows
Total farm acreage90 ha, of which 55 ha are grassland, 31 ha maize and 4 ha rye
Type of soilIV-VI (20-40 ground marks)
Natural environment Near the river „Notéc“
Milk indicators 11,700 kg; fat: 3.9%; protein: 3.4%

„On my grassland around the Notéc River, I have been using COUNTRY mixtures with high percentages of perennial ryegrass for many years. “COUNTRY Energy 2027 Milk Index” and “COUNTRY Energy 2026 Protein” have a high utilisation flexibility and I use them for regular reseeding as well as for new planting. This has allowed me to not only increase my yield but also forage quality, which shows positively in milk yield."

Leszek Plewa - Vice-Director of State-owned Stud „Pępowo“

Gogolewo, county Gostyn (West Poland)

Farm data
TypeHorse stud and conventional dairy farm
Livestock3700 animals, with 1150 HF dairy cows, 350 Simental dairy cows and 100 horses
Total farm acreage2150 ha, of which 155 ha are grassland, 211 ha lucerne, 960 ha maize, 300 ha wheat, 200 ha winter oilseed rape, 100 ha barley and 20 ha oats
Type of soil4b-3a (40-70 ground marks)
Milk indicatorsHF: 13,700kg; fat: 3.6%; protein: 3.4%

„For several years we have regularly used a mixture with Perennial ryegrass, „Country E 2027 Milk Index“ for reseeding on our grassland. Since then, the quality of harvested forage has greatly improved. The protein content in the hay silage increased from 13% to 19.3%."