Carsten Glismann (farm manager Hatje Glismann GbR)

Tornesch, county Pinneberg, federal state Schleswig Holstein (North of Germany)

Farm data
TypeConventional dairy farm and arable farming
Livestock175 cows + offspring
Total farm acreage170 ha, of which 70 ha are permanent grassland
Natural environmentsandy loam and loamy sand, 20-40 ground marks, pH 5.8 – 6.3

Feed and milk indicators

  • Milk yield
    • Milk yield
    • 10,700 kg
    • Fat 3.9%, Protein 3.3%
  • Feed performance
    • 4,000-5,000 kg ECM
  • Ratio
    • TMR with 30% grass silage and 70% maize silage

Grassland management

  • Average yields of 12-14 t/ha per year
  • 5 cuts per year, sometimes 6 depending on weather
  • Cutting height 7cm


“Since forage production and a high quality of forage are very important for our farm, I have been cultivating “COUNTRY E 2027”, a mixture of highly digestible Perennial ryegrasses, since the beginning. But more than 10 years ago, Andreas Krallinger, DSV consultant, drew my attention to the low pH value of my grassland soils. I then developed a plan of action and was able to significantly improve the pH value of my soils by one point through regular liming. Through DSV’s advise, the use of high quality seed and and the attention to pH value, we significantly improved our feed and milk performance.”

Reinhold Egle (farm manager)

Ehingen, Alb-Donau county, Baden-Württemberg (South of Germany)

Farm data
TypeConventional dairy farm and direct marketing of milk, eggs, ice and coffee
Livestock130 cows + offspring, 700 laying hens
Natural environmentloam-clay soils, 40 ground marks on average

Feed and milk indicators

  • Milk yield
    • 10,000 kg
    • 30-31 kg/cow/day
    • Fat 4.2%, Protein 3.5%
  • Ratio
    • TMR with 12 kg grass silage and 26 kg maize silage

„We have sworn by DSV seed mixtures for over 20 years and use the „COUNTRY E 2022“ explicitly for ley farming in our rotation with maize, winter barley and wheat. The typical grassland mixture, consisting of Perennial ryegrass and white clover, allows 5 intensive cuts and provides highly digestible and energy-rich forage. At the same time, the seed mixture contributes to the humus build-up and nitrogen-fixation of my arable soils.“