• Rapid germination and growth
  • Leaves: pinnate, incised
  • Flowers: white
  • Root: very thick taproot that dies off in winter
  • No nematode resistance against Heterodera schachtii
  • Dies off reliably with minus 6-7 °C

Environmental needs

  • Grows well even on soils with high pH values


  • Weed-suppressant effect
  • Late generative stage allows early seeding of succeeding crops
  • Accelerates soil warming in spring by loosening the soil; thus allows early seeding of maize
  • Once radishes have died off in winter, the resulting gaps create optimum root space for succeeding crops
  • Excellent loosening of soil and compactions

Function within TerraLife®

  • Deep rooting
  • Subsoil dehumidifier

TerraLife® mixtures