BOVITAL is a hybrid of sorghum bicolor x sorghum sudanese. The stems of the sorghum type measure 2.50 - 3 mtr. The yield potential is high. 

  • Delivers tasty and textured roughage
  • Efficient use of the growing space
  • Early ripening




Sowing rate 25 - 30 Plants/m²
Seed distance 25 - 50 cm
Sowing rate 25 - 30 Plants/m²
Seed distance 25 - 50 cm

Sowing date

At a soil temperature of 12 - 14°C (mid-May - early June).


An optimal seed bed for quick warming and emergence of the sorghum plants.

Seeding procedure

Sorghum is sown in rows with an beet or corn sowing machine with sorghum discs. As an alternative sorghum can also be broadcast-sown. 
When selecting your sowing machine, please take in mind that seed sizes might vary greatly amongst varieties. 

Sowing density
>300,000 seeds per/ha (10-15 kg/ha)




  • Nitrogen: 60 - 80 kg/ha 
  • Phosphate: 35 - 45 kg/ha
  • Potassium: 120 - 150 kg/ha

Plant protection

A preparation of a false seed bed before sowing reduces weed pressure during initial development. A combination of mechanical and chemical weed control, whenever possible, is also recommended.

Harvesting date

  • Yield: 10 - 20 tons of dry matter 
  • Dry matter content: > 28 %
  • Harvest time: September - October

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