More nutrients for the main crop

With the TerraLife® mixture programme, we offer plant communities that are put together for the specific needs of the respective crop rotation as cover crops or for use as undersowing or companion sowing. The positive effect of the species-rich mixtures has been scientifically proven. In addition to the confirmed performance for nitrogen conservation, the results of the CATCHY project show that species-rich TerraLife® mixtures also mobilise micro- and macronutrients in a more diverse way than single components or single mixtures. There is great potential here that agriculture can utilise to increase efficiency on the land and promote soil fertility. Intelligent plant communities offer many opportunities to utilise resources more efficiently and close cycles. That is why we are constantly developing TerraLife® further and offer you the latest findings with our mixtures.

Using biodiversity to stabilise the yield capacity of the soil

Well combined plant communities have a major impact on soil structure and increase biodiversity.  As a breeder, the DSV not only has in-depth knowledge of all intercrop species, sub- and additional seeds, but also provides practical results on many areas of soil fertility in cooperation with farmers and science.






Grow­ing in­struc­tions

Re­search project


Superior performance of species-rich cover crop mixtures