GORILLA is a dark purple green, re-growing forage rape. The stature of GORILLA is slightly shorter than many current varieties but with good standing ability. The dry matter content of GORILLA is higher than average which leads to high total dry matter yields. Furthermore, the high dry matter content means that animals take in more useful food per kilo and are likely to thrive better than on conventional forage rape varieties. GORILLA shows a moderately good resistance to powdery mildew and is quite resistant to club root. When sown early (for example in May) GORILLA can produce a first crop in August to cover a shortage of summer grass, then has good regrowth to achieve a second crop in November/December. Alternatively GORILLA can be strip grazed as required, with good regrowth potential.

  • The dark purple green and re-growing forage rape
  • Early sown (late spring) GORILLA can be grazed or cut two times in the same year
  • Above average dry matter content leads to high total dry matter yields
  • Very good standing ability and tolerant to club root
  • Moderate to good resistance to powdery mildew

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