Due to the slow youth development, sorghum makes some demands on the optimal sowing conditions.
Sowing date

mid-May to mid-June
Soil temperature
Min. 12 ° C
Soil preparation and soil type
Soil preparation and soil type: the seedbed should be as fine-crumbled as possible (similar to beet) and a good connection to the capillary water must be ensured. In addition, the soil should be as weed-free as possible (slow youth development). Sites with a large occurrence of harmful millet are problematic, as only a few chemical plant protection products are available.  A combination of mechanical and chemical weed control is therefore recommended.
Sowing technique
Drill seeding as well as precision seeding is possible, with row widths between 25 and 50 cm, depending on the technique, ensure sufficient reconsolidation! > better crop development
Sowing depth

2-4 cm
Seeding thickness
S. bicolor
20 - 25 grains / m2 > low tillering, large-framed types
S. bicolor x S. sudanense
30 - 35 grains / m2 > more heavily tillering, more compact types