Success as a result of innovation and tradition

We have been part of the success of oilseed rape (OSR) breeding in Europe since the 1960s, and have contributed substantially to the innovations that have been essential for the expansion of the crop. While OSR breeding technology has evolved over the decades, the goal is still the same: to deliver improved varieties for our customers’ success. We offer a wide range of varieties to meet the needs of farmers all over Europe and beyond. Our European testing network ensures that we are able to identify the varieties from our global portfolio that are the optimum fit for local conditions anywhere.

Focused on hybrids
In our OSR breeding we are focusing on hybrids for more than 20 years. Beside the higher yield achieved by hybrids, the hybrid breeding allows us to introduce new disease resistances such as TuYV or clubroot more quickly than in the past. Thus, we are able to react flexible to changing farmer’s needs.

International distribution
Depending on the country, our varieties are distributed under DSV or RAPOOL brand.