Oilseed rape

For more than 45 years, the DSV has been breeding high-performance rape varieties. With RAPOOL-Ring we are market leader in Germany and internationally successful. DSV rape varieties are known for their health and performance.


DSV is one of the most successful cereal breeders in Germany. Variety innovations such as the first variety Paradies, which is resistant to the yellow dwarfing virus, and the multi-resistant variety Sensation are today the benchmark for Europe-wide cereal breeding.


In order to complete the forage growing assortment, we offer maize varieties for all growing areas. Our own extensive test programme checks the material and allows us to position it optimally in terms of location and use.

Forage grasses

The DSV was founded in 1923 for the production of fodder seed. Therefore we have a unique expertise. With highly digestible and high-yielding forage grasses, we set standards in Germany and internationally.


For decades, the DSV has been breeding grass varieties for all requirements - from sports and golf courses to parks and home gardens. In Germany, we are the No. 1 in the breeding of lawn grasses; we also play in the premier league of suppliers internationally. Our premium varieties are represented at the top of the lists of all important lawn tests in Europe.

Terralife Sonnenblume

Cover crops

Cover crops are an indispensable component of sustainable crop rotations.  We combine numerous species in our TerraLife® mixtures. Our many years of expertise make us the recognised experts in soil fertility.


We grow and sell numerous fine and coarse algae, which are used in intercrops or grass mixtures. We now have completely new anthracnose-tolerant lupines for use in arable farming.


DSV works with sorghum hybrids for all uses. The focus is on the development of dual-type hybrids for forage use with significantly better forage quality. Early mature grain hybrids for favourable locations complete the programme.