Seed technology directly from the breeder

We offer our customers innovative seeds from our own breeding with the highest quality standards. In order to make the best possible use of the high-quality genetic potential of DSV seeds in variable environments, we have been scientifically advancing the complex topic of seed technology for many years. As a breeder, we know the requirements of practice and incorporate these directly into the development of new methods and treatments. Current results from research and field trials show that specific treatments give seeds better starting conditions and increase their economic performance.

With DynaSeed we have developed innovative seed treatment products that provide more dynamics in plant development processes. They contain a broad spectrum of biostimulants, nutrients and filling material. The visible effects have been proven in scientific research methods.

DynaSeed - Because it works!

The DynaSeed incrustation is the basis of all our DynaSeed products. It contains important nutrients as well as fillers and is sealed with a layer of colour pigments. Intelligently combined with biostimulants and other nutrients, this results in our DynaSeed products.


Different plant species have different metabolic processes and nutrient requirements. In order to meet the different requirements, DynaSeed products are divided into two product groups: grasses and legumes.



DynaSeed - How it works

The seed is coated with DynaSeed. The outermost layer is a layer of colour that reduces bird predation. The fillers attract water from the environment, which is made available to the seed. In the process, the fillers slowly dissolve and create an optimal environment for the appearing radicle. The micronutrients and biostimulants contained are immediately absorbed by it and used by the seedling.

Strong root growth is directly related to a high uptake capacity of water as well as nutrients and leads to a higher growth potential of the plant. Compared to untreated seeds, our DynaSeed products have a more intensive and faster root development:

During juvenile development, the plant is highly susceptible to biotic and abiotic stresses such as drought and animal pests. DynaSeed ensures rapid youth development and vigorous plants that outgrow the stress factors.

The first phase of germination is called swelling. In this phase, the seed absorbs water until enough is available to initiate the next phases of germination. DynaSeed increases the water retention capacity of the seed by a factor of 8. This can help the seed to provide enough water for swelling even in dry phases.

Coloured seed can have a deterrent effect on birds. In election trials with domestic pigeons, rooks, ravens and pheasants, coloured seed was not eaten or only eaten in small quantities (Gemph wetmeke 1999).

The availability of many nutrients depends on the pH value of the soil. The DynaSeed fillers provide an optimal environment in the area of the radicle and can thus favor nutrient uptake and the colonization of beneficial microorganisms.

DynaSeed - Why it works

We have set ourselves the goal of intelligently optimizing our quality seed through the targeted use of innovative seed technology. DynaSeed means many years of research and subsequent practical and field trials. Only when real added value makes cultivation more successful does the product receive the DynaSeed label.

All ingredients have undergone our DynaSeed product screening. This includes several test methods under laboratory conditions and field trials. The aim is to show the effect of the ingredients on parameters such as germination, root development, juvenile development and yield in a reliable and repeatable way.

Dr. Ulf Feuerstein, Head of the Asendorf Research Station, presents a method for determining root length.

At the end of all tests is the data evaluation. Only ingredients with a significant positive result are considered for DynaSeed product development.  Shown below is an exemplary result from the DynaSeed product screening of individual ingredients based on the parameter relative germination capacity (untreated control = 100%). These ingredients were then intelligently combined in our DynaSeed products.


The decisive factor is the effect in practice. That is why the final DynaSeed products are tested in field trials over several years at different locations.

DynaSeed field trial with lucerne, trial site Asendorf.

All DynaSeed products are approved in the farm input list of the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) and thus do not contain artificially added micro plastics. This also has advantages for conventional growers, because micro plastic can be absorbed by the seedling when the seed coat is broken through. True to the motto "Innovation for your growth", DSV remains one step ahead of the usual industry standard.