Forage value number 8

Smooth-stalked meadow-grass/ Kentucky bluegrass is a perennial, stolon-driving bottom-grass with a very good forage value. Due to its good adaptability to soil and climate, sufficient winterhardiness and very good tread resistance, Smooth-stalked meadow-grass is an important component for the sward density in grassland. Furthermore, the species is relatively tolerant to drought and regenerates well under heavy stress. Due to its high forage value and very good sward density, it is one of the most important species for pastures, along with Perennial ryegrass.



  • Emerging leaf folded
  • Short ligule
  • Slightly shiny leaf underside
  • Leaf surface with double groove and ‚boat-shaped tip’
  • Rhizomes

Our varieties


Poa pratensis

  • excellent rust resistance
  • great persistence
  • high sward density


Poa pratensis

  • great yield and regrowth abilities
  • higher yields in further cuts
  • high sward density