• Rapid growth
  • Leaves: hairy, strong, pinnate, carved
  • Stem: branched, densely hairy
  • Height: 80-150 cm
  • Flowers: white to purple
  • Root: Deep going taproot, thicken to a radish, branched lateral root system

Environmental needs

  • Very adaptable
  • Lose, nutrient-rich soils
  • Medium moisture requirements
  • Not very sensitive to late frost


  • Active nematode control
  • Erosion control
  • Silage in mixtures

Green manure

  • Not winter hardy
  • Tolerates early frost until -6 °C, dies off at temperatures below
  • Rapidly growing, weed suppressing
  • Tolerates late sowing times
  • Root mass 12-14 quintals DM/ha
  • Many nematode-resistant varieties e.g. against Heterodera schachtii

Function within TerraLife®

  • Deep rooting
  • Nematode-reducing
  • Accumulation of N

TerraLife® mixtures