Forage value number 8

Lucerne/Alfalfa, the queen of the forage plants, has high demands on the depth and pH value of the site. The high water requirement cannot be covered by the deep root system in the beginning of growth. Later, dry phases are compensated by the deep root system. The perennial crop provides high dry matter and protein yields and has a very good preceding crop effect. Lucerne/Alfalfa is sensitive to tread, waterlogging and too deep meadow mowing. In combination with valuable grasses (e.g. meadow fescue), silage ability is significantly improved.



  • Upright, branched and slightly hairy stem
  • Leaves tripartite
  • Front toothed and closely hairy
  • Spiral seed pods

Our varieties


Medicago sativa

  • dormany group 4-5
  • Milk Index variety with highes crude protein contents
  • high quality variety


Medicago sativa

  • dormancy group 4
  • high yields
  • low susceptibility to lodging


Medicago sativa

  • dormancy group 4
  • remarkable yield potential
  • continental type with excellent winter hardiness and persistence


Medicago sativa

  • dormancy group 3
  • good resistance to alfalfa wilt and fusarium
  • good regrowth ability