• Annual, hairy plant
  • Leaves: finely structured, soft
  • Stem: hollow, stable
  • Height: up to 70 cm
  • Flowers: white to light blue, in coiled spikes which uncoil during flowering
  • Root: taproot, extending to a depth of 60-150 cm into the soil (primary and hair roots combined)
  • Dies off at temperatures below -8 °C
  • Fast juvenile development

Environmental needs

  • Good, fresh, well aerated soils
  • Able to tolerate dry and acidic soils
  • Needs warmth and moisture


  • Popular cover crop
  • Forage/silage in mixtures; no outstanding forage qualities

Green manure

  • Good weed suppressant
  • Tilth improver
  • Generates a good root system and good tilth
  • Medium to good value as a forecrop
  • Neutral crop rotation effect for full flexibility
  • Avoided by pests
  • Good bee forage

Function within TerraLife®

  • Deep rooting       
  • Tilth improver
  • Inorganically bound P-fixing  
  • Mycorrhization-promoter
  • Tap rooting
  • Flowering

TerraLife® mixtures