Date: 03.04.2020
Deutsche Saatveredelung AG (DSV) is launching new rapeseed varieties on the European markets that are equipped with multiple resistances. Many years of breeding have brought extensive success. Health and yield secure production in rapidly changing environments.
For more than 45 years, DSV has been a European leader in the development of new rapeseed varieties for various markets. The most important goal in DSV oilseed rape variety breeding is to increase the yield stability of the varieties in order to secure production in a rapidly changing environment. Healthy varieties with high yields are crucial for this.
The new generation of varieties that DSV is now announcing has innovative multiple resistances to various diseases such as clubroot, Phoma and Cylindrosporium coupled with Turnip yellows virus resistance (TuYV). In addition, all new breeds are also yielding high levels. DSV describes these varieties as signposts for economic rapeseed production in an era of limited plant and insecticide protection throughout Europe and increasing environmental stress.
"The varieties are a real step forward for secured production", says Dr. Alexander Döring, DSV Product Manager for International Rapeseed, "and were only made possible by many years of hybrid breeding. This is because desirable characteristics are often in conflict with each other in breeding. If, for example, a selection is made for the characteristic of high yield, it is possible that the plants' resistance to disease is reduced or vice versa, then disease resistance can be high but the yield could be at a medium level. . Here, resistance to clubroot is a good example. The first disease-resistant varieties a few years ago had yields far below those of non-resistant material. Hybrid breeding has made it possible to combine clubroot resistance with high yield. Now development is continuing in major steps with multiple resistances.
With these multiple resistances, numerous new DSV varieties are now being approved in European countries. Darling is a variety with triple protection. It is resistant to phoma and Turnip Yellows virus (TuYV) and has good cylindrosporium tolerance. Duke, Dominator and Dynamic have double resistance against phoma and virus infections.
Further new varieties are in the pipeline. For example, a new strain is currently awaiting approval that has additional resistance that improves yield stability. In addition to resistance to clubroot and TuYV, the variety, with the RLM7 gene, is equipped for excellent phoma resistance.