• Leaves: stalked, alternate, three-pinnate, oval, finely haired, smooth leaf margin, often with a triangular mark
  • Stem: grows upright
  • Height: 15-80 cm
  • Flowers: pink to red capitula
  • Root: deep rooting, taproot with many lateral roots, rhizobia bacteria

Environmental needs

  • Avoids dry or light sandy soils and soils with low humus content
  • Optimal are humid, moderate to cool climate


  • Catch crop
  • Undersow crop
  • Forage
  • Hay
  • Grazing, e.g. in grass mixtures

Green manure

  • Root and crop residue 20-30 quintals DM/ha
  • Humus enrichment
  • Tilth
  • Good forecrop

TerraLife® mixtures