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New DSV presence in South America

Over the last years, DSV has increased its activities in South America, in order to provide DSV solutions to the South American markets, or to produce and acquire products respectively. In order to improve our services for our partners, “DSV Semillas SRL” has been founded in Argentina. We are happy to announce, that Gonzalo Luna Pinto as Area Manager and Fradio Perez as Product Placement Manager have joined the DSV team.

HOLL-niche product offers great opportunities

As well as for regular 00 oilseed rape, DSV also runs a breeding programme for oilseed rape with special high oleic, low linolenic (HOLL) fatty acid oil profiles. Compared to conventional oilseed rape, these varieties have a significantly higher oleic acid content (>75%) and a reduced linolenic acid content (<3%). This modified oleic acid profile makes these oils particularly resistant to oxidation and therefore ideal for frying and for manufacturing biodiesel.

Good oilseed rape prospects after winter

Most of the 6.6 million hectares of winter oilseed rape in Europe have come through the winter largely unscathed. The bulk of the crop was covered by a protective blanket of snow during the cold snaps in January and February. Only a few regions of central Europe have reported more severe damage to the crop as a result of ground frosts.

New cover crop highlights for DSV

In February 2017, two new cover crop varieties – ConceptOne (white mustard) and Firework (oil radish) – were approved for Lammers Seed Options (LSO).  DSV Deutsche Saatveredelung AG has exclusive rights to distribute these two varieties internationally. 

First shredlage results from Germany shown no clear trend

For two years now the long-chop forage system known as shredlage has been the subject of heated debate among German dairy farmers, with many contractors purchasing the new equipment once the initial euphoria had died down. But it is still not clear what effect the long-chop maize silage actually has on the performance of dairy cows. The preliminary findings from different studies conducted in Bavaria and North Rhine Westphalia have now been published.

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PotatoEurope 2017
September 13, 2017 - September 14, 2017
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DSV-international-product-information-2016-2017-cover DSV Product Information 2016/2017

Contains information about our crops for the international sale.

Césped nuestra especialidad Césped nuestra especialidad.

Spanish turf grass brochure.

cover-turf-brochure-RU Мы с газоном на «ты»

Russian turf grass brochure.

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