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Strong oilseed rape portfolio for the coming season

DSV has put together a strong portfolio for the Europe-wide 2018 oilseed rape season.

Farmers at the mercy of unseasonal weather

European farmers have been plagued by persistent bouts of unseasonal weather since autumn, and the effects are evident in almost every type of crop. The oilseed rape survived the winter without major losses, despite difficult sowing conditions in parts of Northern Europe and drought in the South.

DSV Pro turf grass at the Dynamo Stadium in Minsk

The Dynamo Stadium has already obtained approvals for the highest categories of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) and the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA). And it surely deserves its rightful place on the long list of visitor attractions in Belarus and its capital city. The Dynamo National Olympic Stadium is the leading sports arena in Belarus and the national team’s home ground.

DSV at the top of the Danish league

Because of the strong portfolio of DSV sports turfgrasses – especially in official ranking lists regarding suitability of turfgrasses for sports uses - the Danish football club Brøndby IF has decided to use DSV genetics in the future.

Species-rich mixtures - Marketing launch in the Netherlands

Most pastures in Western Europe are mainly based on Lolium Perenne. This species got a good production and top feeding quality. The management of forage grasses is top sport. Everything must be on point: fertilization, moisture supply, disease pressure and soil life. In practice we see that the soil quality and the soil life are unfortunately under pressure. Bigger and heavier machines are used also under not optimal circumstances resulting in soil compaction and structural damages. Top performing cover crops are widely used to tackle above problems. For years, DSV is leading with its cover crop mixture programme TerraLife®. We know that the combination of the right plant species stimulate the soil life resulting in healthier plants.

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TerraLife Flyer EN TerraLife® Flyer

Gives you a compact overview of our cover crop programme TerraLife ®.

title-product-information-17-18 DSV Product Information 2017/2018

Contains information about our crops for the international sale.

Césped nuestra especialidad Césped nuestra especialidad.

Spanish turf grass brochure.

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