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DSV invests in France

Deutsche Saatveredelung AG (DSV) has invested 5.2 million euros in the construction of a new French seed breeding station in Terminiers. DSV breeds and tests wheat, barley, oilseed rape and forage and turf grasses for the French market at various locations in France.

Making the turf grow - Innovative seed technology

Concluding years of research and extensive lab and field testing, Deutsche Saatveredelung AG (DSV) is launching a new seed technology. By commissioning a new production facility that was built for the purpose, the company sets the course for introducing the new technology to the market.


Opportunities for species-rich grasslands

Most pastures in the Netherlands/ Western Europe are mainly based on Lolium Perenne. This species got a good production and top feeding quality. However, the management of forage grasses is top sport. Everything must be correct: fertilization, moisture supply, disease pressure and soil life. In practice we see that the quality of the soil and the soil life are unfortunately under pressure. Bigger and heavier machines are used also under not optimal circumstances resulting in soil compaction and structural damages.

DSV introduces seed technology innovation

DSV launches a new seed technology, which concludes years of research and extensive lab and field testing. By commissioning a new purpose-built production facility, the company sets the course for introducing the new technology to the market.

New DSV presence in South America

Over the last years, DSV has increased its activities in South America, in order to provide DSV solutions to the South American markets, or to produce and acquire products respectively. In order to improve our services for our partners, “DSV Semillas SRL” has been founded in Argentina. We are happy to announce, that Gonzalo Luna Pinto as Area Manager and Fradio Perez as Product Placement Manager have joined the DSV team.

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PotatoEurope 2017
September 13, 2017 - September 14, 2017
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DSV-international-product-information-2016-2017-cover DSV Product Information 2016/2017

Contains information about our crops for the international sale.

Césped nuestra especialidad Césped nuestra especialidad.

Spanish turf grass brochure.

cover-turf-brochure-RU Мы с газоном на «ты»

Russian turf grass brochure.

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