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Rossera and Valerio take 1st place in recommendation

In the new Dutch forage grass recommendation, Aanbevelende Rassenlijst 2017, ROSSERA is the best diploid late variety. It is characterised by excellent yield performance as both a cut and meadow grass. Furthermore, it demonstrates good rust resistance in combination with good lodging resistance. Rossera is also being marketed successfully in France and Germany.

Another breeding success is the late tetraploid perennial rye-grass VALERIO.

Successful initiation of cereal distribution in Germany

DSV´s cereal breeding is a story of success since 25 years. The next chapter has begun last year: After withdrawal from the long lasting distribution partner in Germany - I.G. Pflanzenzucht GmbH - DSV started in 2016 their own activities in the cereals business.

DSV has had a successful start as a British maize supplier

Growing maize under British circumstances is no easy task. The weather is cooler in spring and maize is mainly grown in marginal areas. That`s why maize varieties for the 175,000 hectares grown in the UK have to be very tough!

Only varieties with good early development and strong characteristics succeed under these conditions.

Broad spring oilseed rape portfolio to suit all growing conditions

Even though many parts of Europe are still in the grip of winter, it's not too soon to start thinking about suitable spring oilseed rape varieties.

The range of varieties nowadays is as varied as the growing conditions. SMILLA has proven a successful early ripening crop in many regions of Europe whereas in the mid and late segment MIRAKEL and MAKRO have an established track record as stable mid and late ripening varieties even under difficult growing conditions.


Winter oilseed rape on the increase

The 2016 sowing season was expected to see slightly more fields being sown with winter rape throughout Europe, where an estimated 6.6 million hectares were dedicated to oilseed rape before the winter. The sowing conditions could scarcely have been more variable. Whilst western Europe faced a severe drought and heatwave at the time of sowing, south-eastern Europe generally had good rainfall.

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DSV-international-product-information-2016-2017-cover DSV Product Information 2016/2017

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Spanish turf grass brochure.

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