Increased fodder intake and reduced rumen acidosis

  • The fodder intake increases due to faster degradation in the rumen
  • Higher fodder intake results in higher uptake of active fibre out of crude fibre compared to high fibre grasses
  • Increased ruminating leads to reduced rumen acidosis

As the milk index grasses are faster degradable, the grasses are earlier flown through the rumen, resulting in more space in the rumen. This allows to take up more forage over the day.  Thus, Milk Index grasses results in higher forage intake and better animal performance.

For healthy cows the diet should consist of enough fibre and structural parts to support rumination. This does not always mean that farmers should feed a lot of structural, low quality forage. In general, the share of crude fibre is lower in forages with a higher quality. However, a higher feed intake results in higher amounts of fibre available for rumination and reduced rumen acidosis. The key for healthy animals and high milk production is a high feed intake of good quality forages.