Deutsche Saatveredelung AG (DSV)

Turf Mixture Programmes

Deutsche Saatveredelung AG (DSV) has successfully bred all main species of turf grasses for many decades, and two turf grass mixture programmes have been developed for the European market based on this success. EUROGRASS is the brand name of these turf mixtures.



The EUROGRASS Pro mixture programme has been developed for professional use and high demands. Species are carefully selected for their different characteristics to formulate seed mixtures for a wide range of purposes. The time of sowing, climatic and soil conditions, intended purpose and subsequent maintenance are all important parameters in its compositions. The results are professional lawn mixtures to meet the highest requirements.

The EUROGRASS Turf Pro mixtures are divided into five groups:

  • Classic
  • Ornamental
  • Shade
  • Sport
  • Renovation


The EUROGRASS DIY mixture programme is specially designed for the do-it-yourself market. It consists of recommended quality varieties that optimally complement one another in their respective characteristics. In the composition of the mixtures, special attention was paid, besides the high quality standard, to good value for money without compromising.

In addition to our EUROGRASS mixtures, we have all the countryspecific recommended mixtures and formulations for special conditions. We even produce mixtures specially adapted to the customers' wishes on request. Test our flexibility for yourself.

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