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Trifolium repens (Microclover)


ABERCREST is our small-leaved microclover for lawn mixtures with good classifications in international rankings1. ABERCREST remains low, has slow regrowth of small leaves with a good winter hardiness. ABERCREST tolerates frequent close mowing and moderate wear. Due to his ability to store atmospheric nitrogen microclover is suitable for parks and sports fields also under low maintenance conditions. It produces fresh green colour during the summer and all the year.

Choose ABERCREST to get more Green with less effort of maintenance!

1SRUC, Grass and Clover Varieties for Scotland, 2013-2014



Close mowing toleranceWear toleranceVisible influence in colourSmallness of leafDisease resistanceWinter hardiness
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✔ Suitable for lawn and park mixtures

✔ Fresh green colour all the year

✔ No need for additional fertilizer

✔ Less water requirements

✔ Low maintenance requirements

✔ Excellent performance

All specified information is given to the best of our knowledge and belief, but without guarantee on completeness and correctness. Despite care we cannot guarantee that the described characteristics are repeatable / comprehensive in agricultural practice in each case. Deutsche Saatveredelung AG excludes adhesion for damage or claims for damages, resulting of the use for the variety specified in this description.

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