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Overview: Clover and alfalfa grass (perennial)

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Namedrynormalwetpeat soilhigh altitude
COUNTRY 2202 organic••••••••••
COUNTRY 2203 organic•••••••••
COUNTRY 2249 organic•••••º
COUNTRY 2250 organic•••••••º
COUNTRY 2251 oragnic••••••••••
COUNTRY 2252 organic••••••
COUNTRY 2253 organic••••••º••
COUNTRY 2254 organic••••••••
Namemeadowpasture for cuttingcuttingextensive
COUNTRY 2202 organic•••••••••••
COUNTRY 2203 organic•••••••
COUNTRY 2249 organic••••••
COUNTRY 2250 organic••••••
COUNTRY 2251 oragnic•••••••
COUNTRY 2252 organic•••••••
COUNTRY 2253 organic•••••
COUNTRY 2254 organic•••••••
••••• = Best | o = Does not apply

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