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Quick - Quicker - JOY

JOY is an ultra early forage maize with good yield and very quick youth development This variety fits ideal for very late sowings or for very early harvests. In some areas it is possible to grow oilseed rape after maize with this variety. The pure dent variety is very early flowering and has a high starch content. The variety should be planted with a higher plant rate for the location.

Silage maize maturityGrain maturitySilage maizeGrain maizeEnergy
Variety typeHybrid form/Grain type
short plant with medium steep leavestriple hybrid/flint
Cultivation and agronomic characteristics
Drilling dateSeeding rate silage (plants/m²)Seeding rate grain (plants/m²)LocationLodging resistance
early - late10-12all sitesgood

Yield structure/Quality
Dry matter yield Energy yield Starch yield Starch-% Digestibility Biogas Grain yield
•• ••• •• º
Breeder classification: ••• = very good/very high | •• = good/high | = medium

Maize smut Fusarium Helminthosporium
•• ••
Breeder classification: ••• = very good/very high | •• = good/high | = medium

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