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Everybody likes it

LIKEit is a new very early forage maize with FAO 180. The variety has, although very early, a realtively long growth habit and a nice cob that leads to high starch contents. LIKEit is a hybrid that was developped especially for cooler regions. The flint maize showed one of the best early vigors in the british NL trials and can be grown on every site.

  • great early vigour
  • much starch for cattle rations
  • very tolerant against lodging and Fusarium


Silage maize maturityGrain maturitySilage maizeGrain maizeEnergy
Variety typeHybrid form/Grain type
tall plant with best cob expressionsingle-cross, flint maize
Cultivation and agronomic characteristics
Drilling dateSeeding rate silage (plants/m²)Seeding rate grain (plants/m²)LocationLodging resistance
early-late8-107-8fresh - medium sitesvery good

Yield structure/Quality
Dry matter yield Energy yield Starch yield Starch-% Digestibility Biogas Grain yield
••• •• ••• ••• •• º ••
Breeder classification: ••• = very good/very high | •• = good/high | = medium

Maize smut Fusarium Helminthosporium
••• ••• ••
Breeder classification: ••• = very good/very high | •• = good/high | = medium

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