Deutsche Saatveredelung AG (DSV)

Organic Maize

The demand for organically produced dairy products is steadily increasing and consequently the need for high-quality forage. Yield performance, youth development, weed suppression and health are the most important traits of the varieties.

With JOY, DAVOS, MOVANNA and GALACTUS we offer you interesting varieties for successful growing.

Sorte Eigenschaften
JOY FAO 150/160
  • Very quick youth development
  • Good yield potential
  • Very high starch content 
LikeIt FAO 180/180
  • Great early vigour
  • Much starch for cattle rations
  • Very tolerant against lodging and Fusarium
DAVOS FAO 210/220
  • Strong dual-purpose maize
  • High starch yields
  • High grain yield
  • Very good youth development
  • High starch content
  • Good cold resistance
  • High to very high grain yield
  • Very good cold resistance
  • Very good threshability
LIBERATOR FAO 250 appr./240
  • Very high grain yields
  • Good resistance to lodging
  • High yield constancy

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