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Winter oilseed rape varieties


Excellent resistance against stem canker based on the Rlm7 resistance gene

  • Very vigorous juvenile development and good adaptation to late sowing dates
  • Very high grain yield potential and high oil content

Distribution in: BE, BG, FR, GR, HU, RO, UA,


Quick and vigorous juvenile development

  • Outstanding resistance to stem canker (Phoma) due to Rlm7 + multigenic resistance
  • Good establishment even at later sowing dates due to quick and vigorous juvenile development
  • Excellent harvestibility for a more efficient combining

Distribution in: BG, CZ, DK, ES, FR, HU, RO, SE, SK, UK



The recipe for your success!

  • Quick regrowth after winter and early flowering
  • Excellent lodging resistance and strong disease resistances (including TuYV resistance)
  • Easy harvestability and high oil content

Distribution in: FR


Very stable under a multitude of different climate conditions

  • Very good resistance to stem canker (Rlm7 resistance)
  • The late start of the flowering reduces the risk of damage by late frosts

Distribution in: FR, HURO, ES, IT, GR, BE


Early-medium maturity and good harvestability

  • Very high yield potential and oil content
  • Very good lodging resistance and winter hardiness
Distribution in: DK, EE, LT, LV, PL, UA


Excellent resistance to lodging and very fast juvenile development

  • Very high and stable grain yields and high oil content
  • Excellent package of disease resistances

Distribution in: UK



Compact plant height with very good resistance to lodging

  • Very high and stable grain yield in many countries
  • Excellent winter hardiness and early-medium date of maturity

Distribution in: PL, CZ, SK, LT, LV, EE, BY, RU, ES, IT, GR, UA, GE, NZ, AR, DE



Combines early maturity and a good harvestability

  • Very high oil yields due to high oil content in the seeds
  • Stable yields due to its very good winter hardiness and Rlm7 Phoma resistance gene

Distribution in: PL, LT, LV, EE



Very early maturing variety

  • Excellent harvestability due to short and low biomass plants
  • Ideal adaptation to early to medium sowing dates

Distribution in: PL, CZ, SK, LV, UA



Very good winter hardiness

  • Highly resistant to a wide range of diseases, e.g. stem canker and Verticillium wilt
  • High grain yield in combination with a very high oil content of the seeds

Distribution in: PL, UK, LT, LV, EE


Very flat leaf rosette in autumn

  • Very good resistance to stem canker and other diseases
  • Excellent winter hardiness
  • Good adaptation to early sowing dates

Distribution in: DE, ,EE, LT, LV, UA



Compact allround variety with good disease scores

  • Medium plant height and good lodging resistance
  • Excellent oil content and high cross output
  • Good disease scores for Phorma and Cylindrosporium

Distribution in: UK



High performance TuYV resistant variety

  • Strong early vigour and good adaptation to late sowing
  • Good winterhardiness
  • Excellent lodging resistance

Distribution in: CZ, FR, HU, PL, SK, UK



Is a vigorous variety with outstanding regrowth in spring and excellent compensation ability

  • Very strong root structure ensures the access to water in deeper soil layers
  • Very well adaptation to sandy soils and drought conditions
  • Yield stabilty is a given in this very healthy variety with Phoma resistance (Rlm7)

Distribution in: PL


CLEARFIELD® varieties



Short plant height and good harvestability

  • Resistant to the Clearfield® herbicide
  • Stable and high grain yields all over Europe

Distribution in: LT, LV, EE, RU, HU, BG, RO, US, UA, CL, PL, SK



Fits to all types of soils and tillage systems

  • PHOENIX CL develops very vigorous in autumn and is adapted to mid-early to late sowing dates
  • Very good winterhardiness and drought stress tolerance

Distribution in: BG, CL, CZ, HU, LT, PL, RO, SK, UA, UK


The perfect choice in terms of winter hardiness

  • Managable height and excellent lodging resistance
  • Outstanding winter hardiness due to very low risk of stem extension before winter
  • Good disease scores for stem canker and Cylindrosporium

Distribution in: UK, US


HOLLi winter oilseed rape varieties

HOLL refers to a range of winter oilseed rape varieties with a High Oleic and Low Linolenic (HOLL) fatty acid oil profile. It was achieved by conventional breeding methods to provide an oilseed rape oil with a specific fatty acid profile benefiting food processors, foodservice operators and consumers.


V 316 OL

Very high and stable grain yield

  • Excellent oil quality (oleic acid ~80 %, linolenic acid < 3 %)
  • Early-medium maturity

Distribution in: common EU catalogue

V 324 OL

Good resistance to light leaf spot (Cylindrosporium)

  • High grain yield potential and high oil content
  • Excellent oil quality (linolenic acid <3%)

Distribution in: common EU catalogue

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