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The medium early Milk Index maize

The new Milk Index variety will be marketed in Germany and the Benelux countries. This high-performance silage maize hybrid is the result of a special breeding programme which was explicitly focused on high feed quality. JANERO supplies extremely high levels of energy that can be attributed to two factors: the stover offers a digestibility that is far better than the average and at the same time offers extremely high starch levels. Further evidence for this is provided by its high to exceptionally high grain yield which allows farmers to harvest the crop not only as silage maize but also as grain maize.

Silage maize maturityGrain maturitySilage maizeGrain maizeEnergy
250 (ca.)250 (ca.)+++++++
Variety typeHybrid form/Grain type
Medium long plant with many leaves single hybrid
Cultivation and agronomic characteristics
Drilling dateSeeding rate silage (plants/m²)Seeding rate grain (plants/m²)LocationLodging resistance
normal7-97-8all sitesmedium

Yield structure/Quality
Dry matter yield Energy yield Starch yield Starch-% Digestibility Biogas Grain yield
••• •• ••• •• ••• º •••
Breeder classification: ••• = very good/very high | •• = good/high | = medium

Maize smut Fusarium Helminthosporium
º •• º
Breeder classification: ••• = very good/very high | •• = good/high | = medium

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