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Undersown crops

Frugal and robust

The mix is suitable as an undersow crop in maize as it can form good turf and despite this does not interfere with the growth of the maize. This undersow crop develops slowly as a seedling and the growth is not too strong. The maize is not negatively influenced by either dry or wet conditions; in dry conditions a water-saving soil cover is formed, which protects against evaporation. Even in autumn, the crop is not too lush so that a treatment of the maize stubble does not require additional energy. Although red and sheep's fescue are winter hardy, there is no problem during chopping and processing of the growth during spring. The undersow crop must be sprayed before chopping and processing. The load carrying capacity of the soil is improved through the large root mass, and the soil is enriched with organic matter.


90 % Chewings fescue
10 % Hard fescue
If a certain variety is unavailable it will be replaced with equivalents.

Cultivation Instructions

Sowing Rate7-10 kg/ha
Date for SowingDirectly before or after the maize sowing
UsageSoil coverage, erosion protection, energy grass production
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