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Undersown crops

Good for energy production

This highly requested mix is ideal for late sowing in maize after the 8th leaf has emerged. In addition to the general advantages of a maize undersow crop, such as erosion protection, N-fixation and stabilisation of the soil composition, Humus-Plus-ENERGY (COUNTRY 2051) also realises good exploitation of the winter moisture due to its winter greening. Maize can then be cultivated in the following year after the first cut. In this way, a further valuable and high-yield crop rotation element within short maize rotations is available to primarily energy producers. The maize stubble must be mulched if the grass cut is to be used.


85 % Italian ryegrass
15 % Hybrid ryegrass
If a certain variety is unavailable it will be replaced with equivalents.

Cultivation Instructions

Sowing Rate15 kg/ha; broadcast seeding
Date for Sowing6-8 leaf stage of the maize
UsageSoil coverage, erosion protection, energy grass production
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