Deutsche Saatveredelung AG (DSV)

Milk Index varieties

The Milk Index is our promise to you. Only our best varieties of grass and maize receive this quality award. Milk Index varieties are highly digestible and they are equipped with an extraordinary high nutrient concentration. The best forage – for the best performance.

DSV top forage grass varieties of Milk Index:



The first early heading Milk Index variety

Perennial ryegrass, early, tetraploid

  • By far best value for digestibility in Swiss recommendation
  • High yielding based on excellent early growth
  • Combined with a good persistence


Healthy genetics with high forage value

Perennial ryegrass, late, diploid

  • Very good persistence, very good rust resistance
  • High sugar content
  • High yielding, especially further cuts


Leader in digestibility

Perennial ryegrass, intermediate, tetraploid

  • Extraordinary forage quality (approved in trials of the German chamber of agriculture)
  • High sugar content und high digestibility of the cell wall
  • Recommended for a broad range of sites


Yield, persistence, forage quality

Perennial ryegrass, late, diploid

  • High digestibility and energy concentration
  • High persistence and sward density
  • Recommended for grazing and cutting



Forage quality, yield and peat soil suitability

Perennial ryegrass, intermediate, tetraploid

  • High dry matter yield over all cuts, especially of further cuts
  • Good rust resistance and persistence
  • Suitable for peat soils


Unique in forage quality

Meadow fescue, tetraploid

  • High digestibility and sugar content, verified in official trials
  • Best forage quality of all meadow fescues
  • Top palatability based on good rust resistance because of little susceptibility to rust


All-rounder with high forage value

Meadow fescue, tetraploid

  • Especially robust, healthy and winter hardy variety
  • Digestibility above average
  • Fast early growth and high persistence



A unique variety

Perennial ryegrass, intermediate, tetraploid 

  • High sugar contents combined with excellent digestibility
  • Outstanding forage quality meets high dry-matter yields
  • Based on good rust resistance and winter hardiness

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