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COUNTRY 2306 Hay and silage

Pasture mixture

Grassland mixture for intensive cutting and grazing on medium to good grassland areas

Main characteristics

  • Higher content of Poa pratensis and Phleum pratense has a positive effect on winterhardiness and forage quality
  • Cocksfoot improves yield under dry conditions
  • White and red clover improve feeding value and increase yields when fertilization is low
  • Also suited for growing in higher altitudes


Percentage Species
35 % Lolium perenne
20 % Festuca pratensis
20 % Phleum pratense
10 % Poa pratensis
5 % Dactylis glomerata
5 % Trifolium repens
5 % Trifolium pratense


Dry Normal Wet Peat Soil High Altitude
••• •• ••


Meadow Pasture For Cutting Cutting Extensive
•• ••• •••
••••• = Best | o = Does not apply

All specified information is given to the best of our knowledge and belief, but without guarantee on completeness and correctness. Despite care we cannot guarantee that the described characteristics are repeatable / comprehensive in agricultural practice in each case. Deutsche Saatveredelung AG excludes adhesion for damage or claims for damages, resulting of the use for the variety specified in this description.
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