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Farmer's experiences Hungary


Agroprodukt Pàpa  ZRT.

Zoltàn Pethó (crop management director)
Pápa, Western Hungary,

left: István Pálko, Proform Agroncoonsulting Kft.
right: Zoltán Pethö, Direktor Pflanzenbau von Agroproduktion ZRT., Pápa, Hungary

Farm data

  • Altitude: 145 m NN
  • Average yearly rainfall: ca. 500 mm
  • Total farm acreage: 10.000 ha;
    - 1.000 ha intensive grassland (400 ha are used just one year)
    -  750-800 ha alfalfa
  • Dairy cows: 3.200 cows (milk performance: 10.059 kg/cow and year (3,16 % crude protein,  3,45 % fat)
  • Composition of basic ration (dairy cows):  maize silage, grass/ alfalfa silage
  • Grass silage quality: 5,9-6,0 MJ NEL (1. cut), additional cuts: 5,0-5,4 MJ NEL
  • COUNTRY-mixture: COUNTRY 2318 field forage, without clover, annual (50 % Italian ryegrass, 50 % hybrid ryegrass)

“High grassland yields are vital to our farm with more than 3,000 dairy cows. In the past grass silage was underestimated on our farm, but if you want increase milk production you have to look at each possibility to do so. And we think with the investment in grass we did one big step further.

We secure our grass supply in two ways. First, we use 600 ha of permanent pasture for grazing and silage production. Additional to the permanent pasture areas we grow short term leys, which are new established each year. Ley farming gives very high matter yields, but there is a greater risk to dry or very wet growing conditions when established. 

We chose COUNTRY 2318 field forage for our short term leys. The mixture fits to good to medium areas. The Italian ryegrass complements perfectly with the properties of the hybrid ryegrass. Both types have a good yield potential, so high yields over all cuts will be achieved. Due to the good fiber structure grass silage fits good to alfalfa, the main forage plant for dry areas throughout Eastern Europe.” 

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