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(Sorghum bicolor x Sorghum sudanense)

With its drought tolerance and high yields Sorghum is a very interesting crop for forage and biogas in warm & dry areas.

Sorghum prefers warm areas. Drought doesn´t damage sorghum so much. The drought tolerance is better than maize. After a drought period it begins to regrow and make new green stems and leaves. The youth develop is very slow, especially if the spring has cold temperatures.

Sorghum doesn´t have many claims to the soil. Dry areas or areas with a low soil quality are sufficient. Only cold and humid areas aren´t suitable.


The tillage technique is same like maize.

Sowing time: Sorghum doesn´t like cold temperatures. A warm germination temperature is necessary. Seeding date should be in the mid of May and when the soil temperature is > 12 °C.

Amount of seeds: 10-12 kg/ha. Sowing depth 2-4 cm, row distance: 25-50 cm, that are approximately 35-45 grains/m².

N:  140 - 160 kg/ha
P2O5: 60 - 80 kg/ha  
K2O: 120 - 150 kg/ha

Because of the slow youth development it is very important to control weeds. Please wait until the hybrids have 3 or 4 leaves.


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