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BONFIRE is a forage rye variety grown as a winter cover crop for forage or biogas production. With very rapid autumn and spring growth, BONFIRE provides an earlier sowing window than other varieties. As the plant grows, nutrients are absorbed and stored in the biomass. Consequently the risk of nitrogen leaching during the winter months is low. BONFIRE is very good at converting winter moisture into growth. The early ear emergence of this variety also enables early harvesting. This creates good conditions for the following main crop, e.g. maize. BONFIRE achieves top yields in a rye-maize crop rotation.

Benefits of growing Bonfire:

  • Rapid ground cover in autumn
  • Conserves nutrients
  • Makes very good use of winter moisture
  • High gas yields in biogas plants

Growing requirements
SiteBONFIRE has no particular requirements in terms of site and soil quality.
Sowing periodEarly September to late October
Sowing methodDrilling
Sowing depth1 – 2 cm deep
Sowing rateEarly September: 100-130 kg/ha, at later sowing increase sowing rate
Fertilization100 kgN/ha

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