Deutsche Saatveredelung AG (DSV)

Energy So(i)lution

Sustainable and efficient anaerobic digestion is a major challenge. Intelligent crop rotations are vital for biogas farmers. There is scope for obtaining more biogas from the field and for securing long-term high yields. With ENERGY SO(I)LUTION, we offer not only high-yielding crops but also a crop rotation system that takes account of soil fertility.

Your business advantage:

✓ Higher soil fertility
Catch crops and undersow systems are essential for maintaining soil performance.

✓ Security against weather-related losses
Using a range of substrates provides protection against yield risks and gives certainty with feed calculations.

✓ Weed Suppression
Whole Crop Silage (WCS) and Gasindex mixtures are fast growing and have a good weed suppression effect. Especially against blackgrass.

✓ Efficient biogas fermentation
Bacteria prefer a variety of feed. Practical experience has shown that supplying more than two feed components increases the activity of biogas fermentation processes.

✓ Low input costs
ENERGY SO(I)LUTION gives you certainty in your calculations, as all of our products have been tried and tested for many years.

✓ Mitigation of critical peak workloads
Grasses and WCS mixtures can be harvested outside peak workload periods.