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TerraLife® - WarmSeason

TerraLife® WarmSeason

It’s time for growth

WarmSeason is ideal for summer sowing. E. g. after an early harvest of cereals or whole-silage-crops. The especially matched components tolerate very warm conditions well and have a long vegetative period which reduces the risk of volunteer seeds. The early sowing additionally triggers a strong root establishment and a maximum of photosynthesis activity. This positively effects the excretion of exsudates via the roots into the soil. While the roots of linseed and common vetch penetrate the soil deeply, Sorghum is responsible for the mycorrhization within the mixture. WarmSeason is designed for rotations including: legumes, cereals and maize.

Cover crop species: Summer cover crop


100% Common vetch, linseed, sorghum, Egyptian clover, niger, safflower, Abyssinian mustard Redbone
If a certain variety is unavailable it will be replaced with equivalents.

Cultivation Instructions

Sowing rate25-30 kg/ha
Date for sowingLate June to early August