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Winter vetch (Vicia villosa)


  • Leaves: thickly hairy, multi-pair with branched terminal tendrils
  • Abundant growth, climbing
  • Height: up to more than 1.5 m
  • Flowers: blue-red or purple, white, clusters
  • Root: well-branched, rhizobia bacteria


Environmental needs:

  • Undemanding
  • Winter-hardy
  • Tolerant to drought



  • Catch crop
  • Forage
  • Silage

Green manure:

  • Erosion control
  • Good ground cover
  • Root and crop residue 20 quintals DM/ha
  • Effective forecrop


Function within TerraLife®:

  • Deep rooting
  • Tilth improver
  • Nitrogen-fixing
  • Antibiosis-enhancing (promotes Bacillus subtilis à combats Streptomyces scabies and others)


TerraLife® mixtures:

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