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White mustard (Sinapis alba L.)


  • Leaves: serrated, bristly
  • Height: 1-2 m
  • Quadrangular stems
  • Flower: yellow, dense panicle-like raceme
  • Seeds: 4-8 in pods with a long, flattened beak
  • Root: deep taproot, lateral roots
  • Rapid growth
  • Abundant growth
  • Dies off with frost
  • Very sensitive to long daylight conditions and therefore preferably sown late (early/mid August)


Environmental needs:

  • Undemanding
  • Tolerates drought



  • Catch crop
  • Oil, spice

Green manure:

  • Very good green manure yield (Sowing in mid-August)
  • Good weed suppressant
  • Very good N-accumulation
  • Root residue 12-15 quintals DM/ha


Function within TerraLife®:

  • Deep rooting
  • Nematode-reducing
  • Uses efficient nutritients from manure
  • Late sowing is possible


TerraLife® mixtures:

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