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Sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.)


  • Annual, bristly plant
  • Leaves: large, stemmed, heart-shaped, serrated, partly hairy leaves (10-40 cm long)
  • Stem: not branched, 1 cm diameter
  • Height: up to 2 m
  • Flowers: Composite flower of numerous florets
  • Root: taproot up to 3 m deep, many lateral roots


Environmental needs:

  • Low claims to soil conditions
  • Prefers medium heavy, warm and well aerated soils
  • High heat demand
  • Very sensitive to frost



  • Catch crop
  • Silage (sufficiently high DM yield is necessary)
  • Oil production
  • Legumes can bend around the stem

Green manure:

  • Tilth formation
  • Very good preceding crop
  • Root residue of 15-20 quintals DM/ha


Function within TerraLife®:

  • Deep rooting
  • Mycorrhization-promoter
  • Flowering
  • Bee pasture


TerraLife® mixtures:


DSV variety:


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