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Sorghum (Sorghum sudanense)


  • C4-plant
  • Leaves: linear, hard
  • Height: up to 2-3 m (As catch crop approx. 1.5 m)
  • Inflorescence: panicle
  • Root: Epigeogenous rhizome, deep, strong rooting


Environmental needs:

  • Requires warmth
  • Undemanding regarding soil
  • Drought-tolerant
  • Sensitive to frost
  • Well suited for very dry sites



  • Silage
  • Catch crop

Green manure:

  • Good value as a preceding crop
  • Large biomass growth under warm weather conditions


Function within TerraLife®:

  • Epigeogenous rhizome
  • Forming soil structure
  • Reducing nematodes (Pratylenchus)
  • Mycorrhization-promoter (P)
  • Early sowing is possible
  • Neutral within crop rotations


TerraLife® mixtures:

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