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Alsike clover (Trifolium hybridum L.)


  • Leaves: leafy, unlike to red clover glabrous on both sides, no leaf marks
  • Stem: branched, tends to lodging
  • Height: up to 70 cm
  • Flowers: spherical, white-pink heads
  • Seeds: small, yellow green
  • Root: Taproot with lateral roots, soil loosening


Environmental needs:

  • Suitable in mountainous regions (rough climate)
  • Tolerant to moisture
  • Dry conditions are unsuitable
  • Sensitive to trampling
  • Winter-hardy



  • Additional plant in annual to perennial mixtures
  • Forage/Catch crop
  • Hay feeding; no green fodder because of bitterness

Green manure:

  • In mixtures with white and yellow clover
  • Better suited for cover crop purposes than red clover as it is self-compatible and less susceptible to clover rot
  • Effective previous crop
  • Good bee forage


Function within TerraLife®:

  • Nitrogen-fixing
  • Protection against erosion


TerraLife® mixtures:

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