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Abyssinian cabbage (Brassica carinata)


  • Origin: Ethiopia app. 4000 BC
  • Characteristics of cabbage and mustard
  • Very well adapted to dry and hot conditions
  • Not hardy
  • Long, wide and red violett leaves
  • Very late flowering
  • Strong stem
  • Fast youth development followed by moderate growth
  • Brown-black seed grain

Environmental needs:

  • Undemanding, tolerates drought
  • Ideal growth conditions: 10-25°C
  • Tolerated growth conditions: 5-35°C


  • Cover crop
  • Forage (e.g. Mobgrazing)
  • Oil production (seeds), vegetable (young shoots and leaves)

Green manure:

  • Broad, extensive root structure
  • Good weed suppression
  • Good feed for soil fungi (wax layer/lipids)

Function within TerraLife®:

  • Early sowing - high photosynthesis performance
  • Dry germination
  • Drought and heat tolerant
  • good ground cover
  • long vegetative phase = prevention of volunteer seeds
  • Good use of available nitrogen
  • Spot of colour

TerraLife® mixtures:

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