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TerraLife® - SolaRigol DT

TerraLife® - SolaRigol DT

The cover crop mix for potato crop rotations


SolaRigol is a balanced mix specially adjusted for potato cultivation, which shades the ground well, ensures intensive root penetration and increases biodiversity. Blue lupine and linseed create deep-reaching root channels that can then be used by the potato. The soil structure is perfectly prepared for ridge culture and erosion within the ridges can be reduced. Additionally, blue lupines reduce infestations of tobacco rattle virus in potato better than any other species. Common vetch has a particularly positive influence on the soil bacteria, which protect the plants against pathogens. If there is a successful cover crop, deep working of the soil in spring is not necessary.


Cover crop species: Summer cover crop


100% Niger, bristle oat, oil flax, common vetch, Abyssinian cabbage, Egyptian clover, deep-rooted radish, serradella, Persian clover, field pea
If a certain variety is unavailable it will be replaced with equivalents.

Cultivation Instructions

Sowing rate30 – 35 kg/ha
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