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TerraLife® - Rigol DT

TerraLife® - Rigol DT

Strong root growth stabilises the soil structure

The cover crop mix Rigol DT is extremely effective in penetrating compacted soils as the plant types in the mix demonstrate intensive rooting activity. Numerous root channels are formed, which are used by the follow-on crop to rapidly reach rooting depth. At the same time, Rigol DT ensures good soil shade and rapid fine root penetration of the A-strata, as well as good above-ground biomass production. The legume fraction leads to good humus and nutrient accumulation. The low C/N-ratio allows rapid N-availability for the follower crop. Rigol DT is also recommended for soils with poor iron availability (e.g. pH > 7).

Cover crop species: Summer cover crop


100% Bristle oat, sunflower, squarrose clover, serradella, phacelia, linseed, buckwheat, Persian clover, radish Deeptill, Abyssinian mustard Redbone
If a certain variety is unavailable it will be replaced with equivalents.

Cultivation Instructions

Sowing rate20 – 22 kg/ha
Date for sowingBy end of August at the latest